The Importance of Free Shipping on E-Cigs

If you’re ready to make the switch to electronic cigarettes, you’re probably wondering which brand is the right choice for you. Well, we’ve already covered a lot of the positives SmokeTip has to offer, but today let’s talk about the importance of free shipping on e-cigs…

Electronic Cigarettes

When you’re choosing your brand of e-cig, there are a lot of factors to consider. You’ll want to consider price, obviously, along with selection of flavor cartridges, quality of the technology, guarantees on the product, etc. Those all seem like pretty important aspects of an e-cig purchase, but how important can free shipping on e-cigs really be?

Free Shipping on E-Cigs

How important is free shipping on e-cigs? Well, consider the fact that your e-cig related purchases will likely extend well beyond buying an electronic cigarette starter kit. This means that every time you purchase a pack of refill cartridges, a new accessory, or even a starter kit as a gift for loved ones, you’ll save with free shipping. is happy to provide free shipping on every order to go along with all the other great reasons to buy from SmokeTip!