The SmokeTip Long-Life E-Cig Battery

Long-Life E-Cig Battery

We all know the standard SmokeTip batteries are great. Heck, they have a lifetime warranty, so you know you’re covered no matter what. But when has anyone ever said, “Gee, I wish my battery didn’t last as long?” With that in mind, SmokeTip has developed a long-life e-cig battery for those of you who are planning a long expedition into the wild, have a phobia related to battery chargers, or just want a battery that lasts crazy long…

  • Longer Lasting Vapor Cig Battery – This new battery from SmokeTip will approximately double your use time when compared to the standard battery. This means less swapping out and charging, which can be particularly handy if you’re away from electricity and haven’t purchased our travel charger…yet.
  • The Best E-Cig Battery Available – Building on past success, SmokeTip’s long-life e-cig battery is just as reliable and rock-solid as the standard battery. You should also note that it’s heavier and about 1.5 inches longer.

The SmokeTip long-life e-cig battery is ready to run the distance for you. Check out this new battery and all our other great accessories by clicking here.

You can also review our complimentary battery maintenance guide (click here).

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