Time to Learn About SmokeTip’s Various Vapor Cig Chargers

Vapor Cig Chargers

Let’s face it, there’s not much worse than running the battery on your smokeless cigarette down to nothing. There are a couple of ways to ensure against this from the get go. Let’s do a quick rundown on steps you can take and vapor cig chargers to use to prevent being dead in the water…

It’s important to start out with a quality product. At SmokeTip, we believe so strongly in the quality and durability of our batteries that we provide a lifetime warranty on every single one of them. We also provide an exclusive battery maintenance guide, which you can view by clicking here.

Ok, but what about vapor cig chargers? What options do you have to go with the high quality, extremely popular SmokeTip batteries? First, the standard chargers that come with your starter kit are the USB charger and wall adapter. You may also be interested in the car charger and/or travel charger case (not compatible with new batteries). Both of these vapor cig chargers will help ensure you’re never without that precious battery power that keeps everything running smoothly. Plus, you’ll get free shipping on every order of accessories, so you don’t even have to feel guilty about it.

Free shipping on every e-cig order, only at SmokeTip.com!