Tips for Enjoying Your New Smokeless Cigarette

Well, it looks like the staff over at is at it again with another write-up of helpful e-cig information. This time, they’re addressing a few tips for new users of smokeless cigarettes and what you can expect the first few time you use it.

1. Diversify your charger collection

This just makes good sense. Who wants to be stuck somewhere with a dead battery on your e-cig? Your new smokeless cigarette deserves a USB charger and car charger.

2. Be careful experimenting

Like most of us, you’ll probably geek out about your new smokeless cigarette when you get it. Just be sure not to overuse it as you experiment with different flavors.

3. You might feel sick

There is a shocking chemical cocktail in the average cigarette and many people’s bodies react strangely to these toxins being absent. You might feel sick or end up with a sore throat or lungs for a few days with a new smokeless cigarette as your body gets used to feeling normal.

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