Tips on How to Quit Smoking

Remember in English class when you learned about that guy in Greek mythology, pushing the boulder up the hill, only to have it roll all the way back down so he could start over? If you’ve tried to quit smoking lately, you might feel exactly like that. Sure, you start out with dedication and motivation, but how long does that last before you’re lighting up again? Before you start thinking it’s just downright impossible to quit, read the tips below for a little guidance…

Techniques for Quitting Smoking

If you were to type “how to quit smoking” into Google (and maybe you already have), you’re likely to find a massive amount of tips and “guaranteed” techniques for finally kicking the habit. Of course, every single person is different and needs their own particular approach to quit smoking. That’s why the gums and patches so often come up short for so many people. Such a mass-produced, one-size-fits-all approach can easily be too limiting for the average person. Not only that, but there are so many elements of smoking besides the nicotine that create a craving. These and other quitting strategies only address the chemical aspect of smoking, which is often insufficient to help stave off cravings.

Electronic Cigarettes

Even if you haven’t been looking for quitting strategies lately, you’ve probably heard at least a little bit about electronic cigarettes on the news, in the paper, online, etc. For many people, the answer to the question of how to quite smoking is simply a smokeless cigarette. Unlike the patches and gums, smokeless cigarettes mimic traditional cigarettes like it’s their job (and it is). Not only do they provide the chemical fix for your body, but they also recreate so much of the atmosphere you’re used to when you smoke. E-cigs are not only more realistic, but can be significantly quicker (not to mention cheaper) than other quitting approaches.

Quitting With Electronic Cigarettes

You’ve probably seen the commercial for the nicotine patches with the guy stepping down from the skyscraper gradually, right? Well, you can do the exact same thing with a good electronic cigarette. This is because refill cartridges not only come in a wide variety of flavors, but also with varying levels of nicotine. This way, you choose the time it takes you to quit, all while enjoying your new cigarettes. So many of the people who have already used smokeless cigarettes consider it the best way to quit smoking quickly. If you’ve had trouble with other quitting strategies in the past, an electronic cigarette could be just what you needed to finally kick that habit.

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