We Make it Easy to Find Long-Lasting Vapor Cigarettes

Long-Lasting Vapor Cigarettes

When you find something awesome, you just want it to last longer, don’t you? Those who have made the switch to electronic cigarettes have used words much stronger than “awesome” to describe the experience. So how do you find the best long-lasting vapor cigarettes on the market today? That’s an easy one…

Here at SmokeTip.com, we’ve designed electric cigs that closely mimic the smoking experience you’re used, in all but one major way. If you’re used to your pack of smokes running out at a certain time, we’re sorry to report that you’ll have to wait 25% longer for your e-cig cartridge to run dry. Oh, you’re excited that SmokeTip flavored refill cartridges last 25% longer than traditional cigarettes? Yeah, so is everyone else.

So aside from not being stranded with an empty refill cartridge for your e-cigs, what benefits are there to long-lasting vapor cigarettes? Considering how affordable SmokeTip is to begin with, this means you’ll be saving a crazy amount of money vs. the smokes you’re used to. Click here to find out exactly how much you can expect to save.

Excited about the idea of long-lasting refill cartridges? Check out our full line of flavored cartridges by clicking here.