What Are Your Favorite Vapor Cig Flavors?

Favorite Vapor Cig Flavors

Just like with the smokes you’re used to, you probably will wind up with a few favorite vapor cig flavors once you make the switch. Whether you’re a traditionalist and go with the regular, menthol, or cowboy flavors or you want to mix it up with something a little different, you’ll probably have plenty of good reasons for why you prefer what you do.

A quick check of our SmokeTip Facebook page shows people singing the praises of their favorite vapor cig flavors. Quite a few people note how realistic the various flavors are or how closely they match the taste their used to. Obviously, any good smoking alternative needs to closely imitate the smoking experience you’re used to. Unless, of course, your approach is to completely forget your old smoking habits, in which case some of our non-traditional flavors will probably be more up your alley.

We’d love to hear all about your favorite vapor cig flavors, why you like them, when and where they suit you best, etc. Check out our Facebook page to join the rest of Team Tip and talk all about why you love your SmokeTip.

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