What Comes in a Vapor Cig Starter Kit?

Vapor Cig Starter Kit

A vapor cig starter kit is a great way to get your first taste of the e-cig experience. You get a nice mix of all the necessary stuff to get you going without having to make any big commitment to any particular flavor. But, before you take the leap, you’d probably love an explanation of what exactly of exactly what you’re getting yourself into:

  • Electric Cig Batteries – You’re not going to get far without these work horses. SmokeTip e-cig batteries are long-lasting and an essential part of the vapor cig starter kit.
  • Flavored Smokeless Cigarette Cartridges – This is the only choice you need to make with your vapor cig starter kit. You get to pick your level of nicotine and flavor (regular or menthol).
  • E-Cig Chargers – You won’t last long without these. In the SmokeTip vapor cig starter kit, you get a USB charger and the wall adapter. So, as long as you’ve got an outlet or a computer, you’re set.

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