What’s Cooking on the Smokeless Cigarette Forum?

Welcome to another edition of our popular feature covering the hot topics on the smokeless cigarette forums. E-cig users are known to be fiercely loyal not only to their chosen make and model, but also to each other, through sizable online communities. Today, we’ll hit a few of the trending topics on one of the smokeless cigarette forums…

Craving a Cigarette

Occasionally, after making the switch to e-cigs, smokers will want to return to their traditional cigarettes (otherwise known as analogs). Most find the experience less pleasurable than they remember, but the debate rages nonetheless. See what the E-Cigarette-Forum.com community has to say to one user who wants to try his old smokes again by clicking here.

The Right E-Cig for You

While there are a lot of instant success stories you can find on a smokeless cigarette forum, some people go through some growing pains with their new e-cigs. Whether the flavor isn’t right or they just bought a cheap model, something just isn’t quite convincing about the experience. But, if they stick it out, they usually find themselves much better off. Just like this user, who told the online community all about it here.

E-Cig Cartridges

If you’re the type whose interested in buying a variety pack of electronic cigarette cartridges, then you might have some difficulty keeping track of which flavor is which. Consider the helpful hints from the smokeless cigarette forum on keeping track of your various cartridges by reading the full discussion here.

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