What’s New in SmokeTip Vapor Cig Accessories?

Vapor Cig Accessories

For a lot of our customers, the best part about SmokeTip is how we’re always improving and trying to offer the latest conveniences to our customers. This is especially true for our wide range of affordable, helpful smokeless cigarette accessories. Some might think the technological advance of a smokeless cigarette to be enough, but here at SmokeTip, we constantly strive to pair that little piece of technology in your hand with the most advanced and clever accessories for e-cigs.

For example, you’ve probably enjoyed the heck out of our USB Passthrough, Travel Charger Case, or even the SmokeTip Lanyard. We recently discovered that our USB Charger could do with a facelift, so we introduced an extended USB charger for those times when you don’t want to have to constantly crawl behind your computer to get to the jack.

What else? How about saving 40% on our most popular e-cigarette accessories. You can score a battery, USB charger, and wall adapter for only $29.95, which is 40% off their combined price.

As always, all vapor cig accessories from SmokeTip come with free shipping, saving you even more money on your order. Check out our full line of accessories by clicking here.

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