What’s New on the E-Cig Forum?

Looks like there’s a real tug of war going on in the smokeless community on the e-cig forum. They’re debating whether you should vape (use your e-cig) in areas where you aren’t allowed to use traditional cigarettes. What do you think?

Vaping in Public

User Shel seems to think that the best way to convert the public and help make vaping mainstream is to smoke wherever, whenever. He thinks this will help expose more of the public to the distinction between e-cigs and traditional cigarettes (a.k.a., analogs). Users on the e-cig forum seem to have mixed reactions. Read his post by clicking here and leave your comments.

E-Cigs Just for You

The original post by user dawhoo stated that he thought vaping in public drew the same negative attention from non-smokers that smoking analogs always has. While most in the public are often curious and receptive to the idea of smokeless cigarettes, the potential for negative press always exists. Read his e-cig forum post by clicking here and let him know if you agree.

What’s your stance on the issue? Are you loud and proud about your e-cig? Or maybe you prefer to enjoy your vaping in private. Let us know in the comments section below. You can also hit us up on our twitter feed by clicking here.

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