Which Are the Most Popular E-Cig Flavors?

One of the best parts about smoking e-cigs is that you get to pick the flavor and level of nicotine. Whether you’re just getting into e-cigs or just looking to try something new, you might be wondering what are the most popular e-cig flavors. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the flavors our customers really like…

  1. Marlboro – This is a new one in our lineup but it’s really catching on. If you’ve been a Marlboro person your whole life and you’re looking to mimic your entire smoking experience, then this will probably be one of the most popular e-cig flavors for you, too.
  2. Clove – Some people want to switch to a totally different flavor than they’re used to, but aren’t comfortable with anything too radical. We’ve all heard of clove cigarettes, so why not give that a try?
  3. Variety Pack – Believe it or not, many of our users just can’t make an immediate decision of which flavor they want. The variety pack contains some of our most popular e-cig flavors (and even some others that we think you might like), and has become quite a hit.

Whatever your flavor preference, you can check out our full line of flavored refill cartridges for electronic cigarettes by clicking here.