Who Offers the Best Vapor Cig Warranty?

Best Warranty on Vapor Cigs

Like any piece of cutting edge technology nowadays, you want a rock solid warranty on whatever brand of electric cigarette you choose. Considering the huge number of smokeless cigarette manufacturers out there, it can be tricky to determine who’s a trustworthy vendor and who just slapped a few e-cigs together to try to make a quick buck. A strong warranty is a good sign of the former, but who’s got the best vapor cig warranty out there?

Cheap Electric Cigarettes

With something as important as your smokeless cigarette, you don’t want a manufacturer who cheaps out and cuts corners. Far too many people have been burned by the bargain basement drug store brand and simply have not had a satisfying e-cig experience. Finding the company with the best vapor cig warranty is a great place to start if you’re looking for quality and reliability.

Longest Warranty on E-Cigs

As you may have already guessed, SmokeTip offers the longest warranty on e-cigs among any of the big name brands. How do we know this? Well, you can’t be much longer than a lifetime warranty. That’s right, not only are you buying the most advanced electric cigarette when you choose SmokeTip, but you’re also getting the industry’s best vapor cig warranty. If you ever have a battery fail you, we will replace it, no questions asked. We even offer a 90 day warranty on all of our accessories.

Time to find out why SmokeTip is known as the most trustworthy e-cig vendor!