Why Is SmokeTip Such an Awesome Electronic Cigarette Retailer?

First off, thank you for saying so, that’s very nice of you. There are quite a few reasons why so many e-cig users think of SmokeTip as an awesome electronic cigarette retailer, but we’ll just hit on some of our favorites…

1. Our E-Cig – the SmokeTip electronic cigarette is guaranteed to be the most advanced e-cig on the market. With our unique Eazy-Drag system and advanced batteries, you’ll be able to show off to your friends.

2. Our Prices – SmokeTip offers a lower price on an e-cig starter kit than any other major electronic cigarette retailer. Throw in free shipping and you’ll be saving some major coin right off the bat.

3. Our Service – We guarantee every single one of our batteries for life. Yes, for life. If the battery ever goes kaput on you, we’ll replace it, no questions asked. We also guarantee our starter kits with a 100% satisfaction promise. After all, we like you and we want you to like us back.

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